Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Why is it so hard for women to ask for prayer for themselves?
I guess it's because we are the care takers, and we like that role very much.
It keeps us in control of our worlds.  It is also the way that God has hardwired us.

So sharing this with my friends (yes, I consider my customers my friends)  is not an easy thing for me.
I am so very grateful that I do not have any type of a long term illness, and I thank God every day for my health.

But starting back two years ago, it got harder and harder to ignore the pain in my neck.
I went to a Chiropractor for 6 months, and it seemed he could not hear me when I would tell him it was feeling worse, not better.  So I gave up on him.
Some of you may remember that last December I wrote about being diagnosed with fibromyalgia.
Well, I did everything that the Dr's told me to do to overcome the pain, but it continued to get worse.
Many friends shared with me that they did not think I was suffering from Fibromyalgia, since my pain was so isolated to one area.
Finally in May, after lifting some weights at the gym, and a couple of hard work outs, and a lot of pain, I got very brave.
I made myself an appointment with a Neck and Spine Institute here in Connecticut.
After 10 minutes with the Dr. he suspected that I had disks pinching some nerves in my neck.
After the MRI confirmed that I had a Herniated disk to the right, and a bulging disk to the left, he referred me to physical therapy.
12 weeks later, my symptoms got pretty severe.  I had an entire day that my hand trembled.  The only way to make it stop was to hold it tight.  The headaches, the neck pain, all was getting worse and worse.
My Dr. suggested surgery and I practically sprinted out of his office.  I called my mom and closest friend and talked it through with my husband.
Then after it was suggested, I did a google search that said  "Who is the best Neurosurgeon in Connecticut"
I researched and I prayed and I made some phone calls.  I wanted to be sure I was not rushing into a surgery that could be avoided.
Well, as God so often does, he led me right where I needed to be, even though I have gotten here grudgingly, and with many days of doubt.  3 different Dr.s confirmed to me that I have no more choice in the matter.  I could suffer permanent nerve damage if I do not get this neck repaired.
So on Friday morning, 11/11/11, at 7 am I will be having two disks in my neck replaced with bone from a cadaver, and held in with some metal brackets.

I am truly more afraid than I have ever been before about surgery.

Please pray for me while I recover.
Please show me understanding when it takes me a little bit longer to answer emails or phone calls.
And please know that God is so good, that he had already covered the bases for my business before I even knew I needed surgery.  In September I flew to Michigan and helped our oldest daughter Jessica get a shop set up to fill decal orders.
So we will all be working together as a family as I recover, and we continue to help you make your homes and churches more beautiful by adding God's Holy word to the walls.
Blessings to you,
And Thank you for your prayers.
Love in Jesus Christ,

My Girls and I
Jessica 21, Julie 16, Me, (Not telling!) and Mandy 23


Bern C. said...

I just finished praying for you and I wanted to let you know that God is there with you. Once you accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior, you become His child. You are not held in His hand. You ARE INSCRIBED into it. This means you are permanently etched on His hand always out in front of Him. He will never leave you nor forsake you. Even though this is a time of apprehension for you, you are doing the right thing. You have covered everything with prayer, seeked His direction, and are moving forward in faith. Faith is believing and taking that one step forward. We cannot see the end results. We just need to take that one step forward. I will continue to pray for you this week so be at peace knowing that you are covered in my prayers and many others. Love through Christ, Bernadette