Monday, November 28, 2011

I hope that all of you enjoyed a warm, healthy, and loving Thanksgiving.
We have so very much to be Thankful for, but I know sometimes the holidays bring up memories of loved ones lost, or painful times.  I have a dear family member who lost a son 6 years ago at a very young age, the day before Thanksgiving.   I don't know if Thanksgiving will ever be a truly happy time again for her.  If you are in this category, my heart breaks with you and for you.  My prayer for you is that each year builds happiness on top of your pain, and that your heart mends a little with each new joy.

With me recovering this year from a double spinal fusion, we knew ahead of time that this year would be different.  Mom did not do all of the planning, shopping and fussing as in past years.  Nor did we have extended family to spend it with as we did the 10 years we lived in Michigan.

This time my daughter in law Mandy and my son Jeff came to spend it with us.  Mandy and I chatted a couple of times in advance and she came with her grandmother's cookbooks and family recipes in tow to bless us with her cooking abilities.

Mandy told me about a funny greeting card she had seen.  It was directions on how to cook a turkey and it went something like this:
1.  Put turkey in the pan breast side up and pour a glass of wine
2. Fill the bird with stuffing and refill your glass of wine
3. Put the turkey in the oven at 325o, or was that 275o?  Have a little more wine
4. Sssseet the timer on your cooker (oven) for 15 minutes per 10 pounds of chicken, I mean turkey, or was that 5 minutes per 5 pounds of turkey?    Finish your glass of wine

You get the idea.  And no, we didn't follow those directions.  In fact Mark got involved for the first time ever. He did some research and chatted with Jeff and Mandy several times about their plan of action.  I got the biggest kick ever out of this.  To have my husband who has NEVER cooked, and I mean NEVER cooked anything other than ramen noodles come home from work telling me about his plans.  It was awesome.

They decided to deep fry it.  

We even made a fancy brine and soaked it overnight.

Here are a few shots of our delicious preparations:

I even got dressed for the occasion.  For the past two weeks, I have been living in pajamas and sweat pants, and it felt  great to get my jeans on, and a little make up.  

We really missed our middle daughter and her fiance.  That was the only down side of our day.  But like I mentioned above, with so many people hurting, and so many things to be thankful for, it was nice to know that we will at least be spending Christmas with them.  

Here we are at dinner

I think that what made this one of the most special Thanksgivings ever was how everyone worked together this year.  I should have surgery more often.

So welcome to the Christmas season 2011.  

Many Blessings!  Mary


taylormom2six said...

You are so right, we do have so much to be thankful for! God is so good to us ALL the time. And there is always someone going through something worse than you, always. Glad you are feeling better.