Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I love my job, I really do.  Making decals all day long is still fun, after 3 years.  I love to create too, but it seems like lately I keep so busy filling orders that I long for days to create.

So I create on weekend.  It is so hard to look at my half done project and know that I wont be working in it again until Saturday, but here is a sneak peek at my latest project.

I found these two awesome club style chairs on Craigs List.  I ordered these awesome fabrics from www.fabric.com, and set out to make slip covers.

This is what I do, I cut squares of fabric that will for sure reach from side to side, and top to bottom, then I use straight pins and pin each panel to the chair.  Then I cut around the edges, making sure I leave a little over a half inche seam allowance all raound every edge. 

Here is the smaller chair.  Check out those great legs, they are super sturdy and in perfect shape.

Here is the fabric for the smaller chair.  The fabrics compliment each other so nice, but I am crazy about mixing prints.  There are always too many choices to settle on just one.  The shade is my favorite shade of blue.

I am still not sure where these chairs are going.  Either for me, or maybe for my two oldest girls for Christmas, or maybe for sale.  I really don't care.  I just have fun playing with stuff like this.