Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I am so behind on blogging.  

That could very possibly be because
I have been crazy busy

 But anyway here is what is new:  SHE'S ENGAGED!

You know those commercials that show what parents see sometimes when they look at their nearly grown up kids?  Well, here is what I see: 

My little 6 year old with a smile for me every time I look at her

But in real life she grew up on me!

Jessica had only been in college for about a week when she told me she had met a boy.  Well, first she met a girl, Frankie's sister Shauna.  That led to meeting Frankie.

Jessi had dated other boys in high school.  It often left Mark and I shaking our heads, wondering if she could see the beauty she had.  We were never fond of any of the boys she had dated, but we knew she was young and we kept on praying for the boy who would someday be her husband.  We have done this with all 3 of our kids.

It did not take us very long after meeting Frankie to see that he was a really great guy.  They got along very well, and had so much in common.  Frankie was very close to his family and he and Jess did a great job spending time each evening with either Frankie's family or us. 

After about 6 months of Jessi spending quite a bit of time over at the Aldrich's house, we asked if we could meet Frankie's family.  It was so nice to meet them, and find a family with values like ours, and a love for God.  We could see why Jess was so happy when she was around them. 

When Jess and Frankie had been dating for almost 2 years, Mark got a new job in Connecticut and we had to relocate.  I thought it might break my heart, leaving Jess behind.  But it was Frankie's mom, Jenny,  who put my mind at ease a bit.( Her and my friend Lisa, but that's another story) Jenny and Frank promised me that they would be a family to Jessica in our absence.  And that they did.  She just adores them and has come out of her shell so much since knowing their big, Italian  Family.

So me, being the nosey, investigator type, it was a big surprise while all of our kids were here this summer visiting, when I heard Frankie ask Mark if they could talk outside.  Mark and I did the quick eyebrow raised look at each other and off they went to chat.
I did not get to hear the official plans until 11:30 that night.  

The next morning Jess and Frankie went off to New York.  Frankie stepped into Central park, found a nice quiet hill, and got down on one knee and proposed.

Lucky for us, Jeff and Mandy had gone along on the trip, and they snuck off to get this awesome photo.  Mark, Julie and I were almost to the city to surprise them when she called to tell us her news.  We got to them as soon as we could to celebrate.

I love the little sister in the background, don't you?

It was so wonderful to all be together to celebrate with them both.
We could not have asked for a better man to marry our daughter.  Frankie is everything that a parent would want for their child.  He is so supportive of Jess, and they fit together perfectly.  
We just love Frankie and are so glad that they are getting married.
Having young adult kids is so much fun.

Now we are busy planning a June wedding!  


deckermj2 said...

so very proud of our "tweedle". that is for some reason Grampa Decker tacked on to Jess, when she was always on his lap, or combing his hair,or just loving on him. He was her pal from the start. What a sweet baby she was, and sweet lady she is now.
God truly blessed us all with "Jessica" your angel baby.
Love you sweet girl, Gramma Decker.