Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ahhhhh.....  Memories of a year ago today.  We had just celebrated one of the saddest holiday weekends ever.  We had only lived in Connecticut for 3 weeks, and had no friends to be with.  It was lonely, and were leaving on Julie's birthday to fly to a celebration in Tennessee.  Jeff and Mandy were about to get married, so we got through the day knowing that in a few hours we would be with Jeff, Jessica and Mandy.  I can't say that Julie will have her favorite birthday memories from her 15th birthday.

But this was a brand new year.  We got through a tough season and a long winter, so it was time to celebrate Julie turning 16 today.  I have been so proud of Julie the last few months as she has prepared her heart and mind for her mission trip.  I have watched her soften from the inside out.

One of my closest girlfriends actually called the other day to tell me thatshe could see from the recent pictures of Julie that she actually looked prettier, and the reason was she is happy now.  That was awesome to hear.

;So for dinner,I made our favorite Korean BBQ dinner;  BulGoKi.  I made Julie's favorite; cucumber salad.  I served white rice and Kimchee too.  I can't say that Julie's friends were as in love with the different food as she was, but it was still lots of fun to all sit down to a dinner together.

I used our best china and had the girls dress up.  I took several shots of them together before dinner

I made sugar cookies for dessert.  
They were a big hit.

And something I have been wanting to do for a while, which actually is why I fell off of the No Fabric Buying Wagon already on Saturday.  Bunting flags for decorations.  Who can resist fat quarters half off at Joanns?

The evening was complete with friends, fun and lots of jumping on the new trampoline.

And what party is not made complete without a stop by visit from the Boy you like??  
Come on, do you remember being 16?

I am happy you had a great day Jewels.  


Anonymous said...

I am so happy that Julie is happy and I bet that helps make her Mom happy too.
I love you guys.

michele said...

Looks absolutely wonderful!!