Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I look around my work room, and I see these little bags of fabric shoved to the corners.  Still unpacked, sitting nicely folded in the bag I brought them home in.  I have suffered from this addiction for over 25 years.  It truly is a problem.

I had to take some control.  I put myself on a NO BUYING ANYMORE FABRIC RESTRICTION for the rest of summer until I sew up some of the "great ideas" I had to have.  So far I have created 4 pair of cheer bloomers for my daughter and her friends, and 3 baby blankets as a gift.  That hardly made a dent.

I have also finally started the curtain for my bathroom that I purchased fabric for over a year ago.  Next on my list is a vinyl ping pong table cover for my husband, (Oh, long story, will explain later) and patio cushions from the lovely brown swirled outdoor fabric I have.   Those projects will only clear up counter space, they will not make a dent in the stash I have hidden.

Are you like me?  Is it more fun for you to purchase supplies for projects than it is to actually sit down and make them?  Join forces with me.  Let's work together.  I need your support.


Anonymous said...

Everyone has this problem. You would not believe how much stuff is in my garage for projects that never got started.