Thursday, March 3, 2011

When we live in a busy world, where most of our transactions are digital, and pictures of babies are posted on facebook 5 minutes are they are born, it makes the daily trip the mail box not much fun anymore.

I have been working very hard lately, and it's been quite a struggle because everything is very unorganized for me.  That is another blog post, and I will explain, but working among a mess is a difficult situation.  It tends to get me down.  I am not a neat freak by any means, but I do need a clean house and a clean space to feel my best creativity.

So the other day it was dark and dreary for the umth day in a row and I was going through the motions of my day.  Work as hard as I can until it's time to go get Julie, grab the mail on the way in at 3:00 and try to wind down while I do what I can to make myself available in case my little hormone machine should want to privy me with any details of her day.  (I admit that I am not great at that, I try daily, and almost always get side tracked before the good stuff spills)  Oh, back to the mail, so I noticed as I was carrying it in that there were two hand written envelopes.  I recognized one immediately, it was a check from my favorite client of ten years, who has grown into a friend.  I felt something thick in the envelope, and as I opened up the check, I smiled over finding a tea bag and this note:

It was so cute, and I was a bit chilled, and it was time for tea, so I heated up some water and enjoyed her sweet sentiment right away.  Isn't it funny how the little things in life just make us feel special?  I could just see her about to send off my check and thinking to herself, "What can I do to make her feel special?  Oh, I know, a tea bag!!"  

Next I opened up a card that was hand written to Mary Zimmer at A Great Impression.  That piqued my interest right away.  Since being in business for 2 and a half years with A Great Impression, I have received 3 thank you notes from happy customers.  Who does that?  I don't, that's for sure.  I usually expect to appreciate the products that I buy, and don't think to then Thank the person who I bought it from.  But some people are actually that thoughtful and kind.  Take a look at this incredible note:

I seriously almost started crying.  Picturing this woman taking 5 or 10 minutes in her little house in East Africa to thank me for a vinyl wall art order she had gotten.  I was thinking about how much meaning and feelings she put into her thank you, and I just knew without a doubt in my mind that God wants me to get more missionaries some more vinyl wall art. I had been praying for a way that I could better serve God with what I do, and this sounds so exciting, doesn't it?

So, I did a little research and found out that I can send a box with vinyl wall art to Africa for about $15.00 slow mail.  
I also have had some time do to some praying.  (My method is to first pray, and ask God how he likes my ideas. Then after I get the go ahead from HIM, I usually run it by my husband to check myself and make sure I am not imagining things are good when they are not.)  So next I ran my new idea by Mark.  I got the total thumbs up, so now I am running it by you.

Here is the Idea:

You can now go onto and purchase the postage for a missionary of your choice to receive a free vinyl wall decal.  

I will make a calendar and add it to this page after I have gotten my first missionary sponsored for a free decal.  We will all be all be able to check the calendar from A Great Impression and get to see who is being blessed each work.

I will provide the decal, if you will partner with me and provide the shipping.  
I am so excited to watch God work though this idea.



Karen Kuecken said...

Mary, I think this is just a wonderful idea! I really really hope it goes well for you! I love you!

House of Payne said...

I LOVE the idea!! And recently found out about some young women working very hard in Africa with orphans.

It's quite humorous about your post on the THANK YOU note as well. My husband had the box at his work for a few (maybe more??) days before I finally said, "Have you received any boxes for me?" "oh, yes. I just keep forgetting to tell you." (or bring it

Anyhow, I picked up the vinyl wall art shipping box yesterday off him & we opened it last night at Bible Study. Everyone loved, LOVED them!! Our one lady loved the colors & scripts. I passed her one of your business cards ;)

Then, Dennis (hubby) and our friends started saying how they thought the one verse was awesome & I did a great job choosing it.

However, I think it must have been a Bonus one that you shared. So, I told them I had not ordered that one. My husband said to make sure with you today that we didn't get part of someone else's order.

The extra verse was Phil 4:4. And, my husband holds that verse VERY CLOSE to his heart. He has preached on it a few times lately & uses it a lot in Bible Study to illustrate that Rejoicing comes first, then some more things God wants from us. THEN, God bestows on us the peace that surpasses all understanding.

Thank you so very much!! He was thrilled with that piece. That was totally a Jesus moment!

I hope you and your family have a terrific weekend!!