Friday, January 28, 2011

I am blogging rather late tonight, which is very unusual for me.  Truth is, I am hiding out from the 20 (I can't actually count them, they move to quick) teen agers who are lingering around my home.  Some are watching TV very loudly in the living room down stairs, some are playing pool in the upstairs loft, and yelling down to their friends.  Some are running, many are screaming.  Some are couples, but all are friends.  These are the 10th graders whom my youngest now calls FRIENDS.

I am so grateful to these kids, that I feel like I owe them the opportunity to "just hang" tonight.  I am thankful for them to have welcomed my daughter, AKA "The New Girl", into their group.  6 months ago we knew no one.  We showed up in Connecticut with our "Hello World, It's nice to meet you!" smiles on our faces and hoped for the best.
This has not been easy.  Being that I am a sensitive Mom, (OK, probably over sensitive, I will admit that) I can say it's not been easy for "US".  But the truth is, I didn't have to make sure I looked absolutely perfect, put a fake smile on my face, and walk into a building with 500 new peers I had never seen before.  I just had to watch from the rounded drop off lane as my little girl put on her big girl pants and marched on in.
I will spare you the painful details.  Lets just say there were tears.  Then there were my tears alone in my car as I prayed for Julie to find the right friends each day.  Although I am grateful for her new friends.  The prayers will never end.  It's my number one Mom Job.
So yes teenagers, you may trampse all over my fresh fallen snow, you may sling your coats, jackets, scarves, hats, and boots all over my pretty new carpet in the den,  you may eat our snacks, and heck, you can even take Gator ades (that I limit myself to one a day) from my garage.  It's because of you  that Julie is happy to walk in the door to school these days. 

And so it goes.
(Oh and by the way:  There is a girl down stairs whose name I wont mention.  But they call her "New Girl" and Julie was sure to invite her tonight so she would have a chance to make friends too.) 

Forgive the quality of these shots.
  I actually took them from Julie's stash, not my own.
  Cool kids don't have mom's walking around with a cannon
taking quality photos of them at parties.  


Anonymous said...

I just witnessed your oldest and his "wife" of all things, prepare to go to a wedding in New Baltimore, at your old church. How much that will effect him,now all grown up and a married man, wow. I remember his first day at Anchor Bay, as well as Jess's and Julie a year later.How time flies. They were so little when you came ,fresh out of the Army, and stayed with us while your nice house was finished. Grampa had such a great time wiring that house that you would "NEVER LEAVE"> . How we don't know, what lies ahead, such as you now way up in Conn., with only 15 year old Juie ,making new friends.
It was great to see Jeff and Mandy, and Jessie and Frankie. Colleen was here with 2 of her kids, plus Trevor, Michelle's boyfriend. Where did all of these adults come from ?? They are supposed to be little, I certainly did not get old did I??
They are all terrific, thats all I can say. I pray for each one as they face the "grown up world now" I only have 2 little guys, and maybe a couple of middle agers, you know like 13-16, wow
God bless them all. We so love them, and at the same time <miss them. Its a great joy, being grandparents. Love you all,