Monday, November 22, 2010

I was a good girl today.  I filled as many orders as I could while I hoped and prayed that the UPS guy would bring me brown and dark green vinyl.  No luck, he didn't come.  Now he will bring me the vinyl I ordered last Wednesday just in time for us to be having Thanksgiving.  If your order didn't make it there in time for Thanksgiving, I am truly sorry.  I was not at all prepared for the wonderful blessing of lots of work the past week, and I didn't stock up on enough vinyl.


Anyway, after working all day I had a little bit of energy left.  My neighbor has graciously invited our little Maddie on vacation with her to Cape Cod.  I got her all bathed, washed her bed, and toys and packed her up  Then I started to wish Maddie had a cool cape cod something for her trip.  Now, please keep in mind, I am not the "dress your dog" type of dog owner.  But my neighbor Jane is.  She loves Maddie probably more than I do.  (not really if you read this Maddie)  So I went to work on my trusty old sewing machines.  

Mark came home from playing raquetball about 8:00 and asked what I was up to.  I showed him Maddie's new hoodie and he pointed out that her name needed to be on there too.  So I fit it on her hood.  Isn't that a crack up?  What a great husband I have, who after 22 years still makes suggestions to make my crazy ideas even more fun.  I love that guy.  Oh yeah, I told you that.

I thought you might enjoy seeing what I do in my spare time.  I can tell you that stopping is sometimes the hardest part.  Here it is 11:30 and I have been at this stuff all day long.  

Here are a few more shots of my poor dog.  I hope it gets cold in Cape Cod this weekend so she can enjoy her new sweat shirt.  I know that Jane will have her in it walking the streets of "P Town"  Which I assumed meant Province Town, but didn't ask.

How about that zebra print for the trim.
Can you tell how much she loved it?  Ha ha

I hope I have some grandchildren to torture some day!!

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!!