Friday, December 3, 2010

I have come to realize in the past few years that if you let it happen, you will work your way through the Christmas Season and not enjoy it very much.  So therefore, I am out to craft away my December, and keep a healthier balance between work and play.
Having the privilege of working at home has blessed me for 22 years now.  I have often longed for leaving the house, but the truth of the matter is, home is where I want to be.  This was for sure the case as I sat in my pajamas at 1:30 this afternoon happily crafting.  My real work sat underneath the embroidery machine stitching up some jacket backs for a dance team.  They were taking 30 minutes each, and that gave me time to work on a few Christmas gifts.  (I can not do vinyl wall orders while I sew because there is lint all over the work table, and the clear plastic topper sheet and the vinyl will pick up too many fibers.)
  So, I had to sew fun little things for myself.

There are 6 of these new pillows in my possession now
I am just deciding who all gets one.  (I get two)

Fun little heart shaped pillow using all my left over
scraps.  The front is a knit sweater that I washed and recycled.
The back was from my left over drapery fabric.

This will bet lightly stuffed and be a pillow that
hangs on the wall.  Not sure if I can bear to give
this away, although the recipient I have in mind is SO deserving!

This is my living room, not finished the way I want it at all,
but the new drapes I made yesterday helped.
Some Christmas decorations will be added tomorrow.

Do any of you enjoy staying home as much as I do?  I am so glad that I enjoy my own company, because as the new girl in town, let me tell you;  there are not many options on a daily basis.


Anonymous said...

I love what you do and am so glad that you lived here and helped me do my house. I love to have "Mary's Touch"
You are great!

l said...

Hey I have a pillow just like that one hanging on my wall! And I have another one that looks kind of like the one you have on your couch! We have such similar taste, it's amazing!