Saturday, July 17, 2010

My son and his new bride's wedding was an absolute fairly tale in Tennessee last weekend.
Here are some highlights of the week:
~Lots and lots of loving hands came together and worked on everything from Programs to Decorations and Cookies to Cake Toppers.
~Mandy's family are the most wonderful addition to our family, they are loving, kind and lots of fun!
~Many many loved ones came a long distance  to Tennessee to celebrate with us, seeing family and friends might have been the best part.
~Laughter carried on and on in many a hotel rooms, we were "chillin' at the Holiday Inn!"
~Not a detail was missed by our new daughter in law.  I was so very very proud of Mandy and her planning.
~God was the center of the entire thing.  From the promise rings to the bible verses quoted, no one in the place wondered where Jeff and Mandy stood on anything.
~Then there were some wonderful jewels in the event, like the awesome chat I got to have with Jeff on the dance floor during the mother and son dance, and the praise and loving words spoken by a particular family member telling us how much we meant to him.  (after a lifetime of wishing to hear those very words)
~The reception was atop a beautiful hotel in downtown Nashville.  You could look all around and see the city lights.
~Mark and I were so proud of our son and his new lovely, beautiful wife.