Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ladies, it's time to share your secrets.  I really want to hear from you about your homes. How do you gals keep your houses clean on a day to day basis?  I honestly love nothing more than a clean house.  But the minute I scrub a bathroom, I use the blow dryer and there are hairs all over the floor.  Then it sits there for 10 days until I do it all over again.  How about you?  What is your secret to a clean home?
One day I went knocking on doors to invite children to our church's VBS program.  I came home disappointed and it had nothing to do with the response to our invites.  It had to do with looking into these people's front doors and seeing nice, clean, pretty homes behind the door.  These gals not only had amazing yards, nice looking figures, but the houses were even clean on the inside.  It made me truly wonder what am I doing with my day?
I know that my work takes up much of my time, but for the past two months I can't really use that excuse.  I must daydream much more than I think I do.
So here is your chance to shine gals, tell us what you are doing right.  Tell me a brief description of your day, and what you do to keep your home looking beautiful on a daily basis.  I am talking about you  dog owners who see that clump of dog hair on your way to the front door, and cringe like I do.  What are your secrets?  And how do you keep your home pretty?


snezana said...

I just don't worry about the occasional stray hair that falls off the hairdryer. I make sure I do about two hours of housework a day and I pick something like cleaning the bathrooms, or mopping the floors and I do that one day and pick another chore the next. My house is never as clean as I want it to be and it never will be. But I can either enjoy what I have or worry about what I don't have and I choose the former.

Ruby Clifton said...

Its rightly said: Cleanliness is next to Godliness! Everyone loves cleanliness and a spic n span house. And so do I. I've taught my 5 year old Marc to tidy up his room daily. He's also become very particular not to leave his toys strewn around.