Friday, July 2, 2010

This is such an exciting week for my family.  My son Jeffrey is marrying the girl of his dreams.  He met her at college and soon after we found that she was the girl we had been praying he would meet someday.  Mandy is a strong believer and a wonderful match to Jeff.  They are both very outgoing and so much fun to be around.
Having just recently moved out of state, I am so excited to see my family who I miss so much. Many of my siblings will be in Tennessee for the wedding, as will my parents, and in-laws.
Mandy's family are wonderful people and we blend together quite nicely.  We have all been so excited about this wedding for over a year as we planned it.
As the seamstress of the family, I had the pleasure of making Mandy her wedding dress, and all of the bridesmaid's their dresses.  I will be very excited to post pictures right after the big day. Until then, it's all a big surprise.
If you are one of my wonderful customers, please keep my family in your prayers this next week as we travel the country to celebrate together.  I am praying for sunshine and blue skies on the big day as well.
You are the best clients a business owner could have.  Thank you for your friendships, and have a blessed week.