Tuesday, April 12, 2011

In the weeks to come, I will be telling you more of how my daughter Julie has been called to the mission field.
It is a very exciting thing.  I have done some time this year praying for Julie.  I was not quite sure for a couple of months while we adjusted to our new life, if keeping her reigned into our faith and way of life was going to be as easy as it was with the first two kids.  I committed to prayer, and will keep that commitment, but I just love to see when God picks up and takes over someone's heart.

In the past couple of weeks we have come up with yet another medical issue that is just frustrating, and hard to take when you are only 15.  Many of you have not been reading our blog for a long time, but a year ago, Julie was in a wheel chair recovering from two major foot surgeries that left "Jewels" unable to do any impact sports for the rest of her life.  So, even though I know darn well she snuck in a few tumbling passes this year, living a life with limits has left her a bit frustrated.  Then this new thing has come up, and we feel like life is just way too great to go around whining, but "gggggeeeeeezzzzzz, sometimes things can get you frustrated!"

In the midst of all of this some missionaries came to our church a couple weeks ago, and moved all of us.  We were very touched.  And it's not like we  have not all heard many missionaries before, these people just touched us with their story.  On the way home from church Julie told us that she feels like she would like to go full time into the mission field.  Her dream right now is to become a physical therapist, and then go to a third world country and serve there with her skills.  Mark and I both told her we would pray for her and encourage her as we could
We were not home from church for more than a few hours when Julie got a random text message from a girlfriend.  She invited Julie to go to Haiti with them this summer on a mission trip, they were looking for more people to join their team.

My initial reaction was "no".  She will only be 16 by two weeks at the time of her trip.  But as the week went on and the Dr. visits got the best of us, I found that Julie was using her Haiti trip as her happy thought to get us through.

So, as all of us Christian mom's do, I prayed for her.  As I prayed, ideas came to me about how we could raise the money together to help her go.  And I kept getting that gentle nudge to tell me it was ok, that she needs to go.  I think it will be truly life changing for her.

Just wanted to ask for your prayers too.
Thank fellow believers out there.
I so enjoy getting to enlarge my network of prayer warriors through this web site.


Anonymous said...

I filled out the final papers for Alma just now. It looks like our babies will be flying away. That is what we have prayed for. Keep praying and we will see where our children will be led.
Love you girl,

Mom2aMissionary-in-the-making said...

In 10 short days, my 15 year old daughter will be going on a 3-week mission trip to Bolivia. Although my head wants her to stay here with me (where it's safe), my heart knows she is following God's call. How in the world could I say no - to her OR to God?

As the time for her to leave draws closer, I find I'm spending more & more time on my knees.