Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I don't have any deep words of wisdom today, or anything very inspirational to say, but I have some awesome photos to show you of the biggest snow storm I ever remember being part of.

The news had all of New England forewarned about this storm.  They even named it "Bernie" (I think, it's been a long day)

Neither Mark nor I slept very well last night.  We both woke a few times and peeked outside.  It was so beautiful the way that the sky was lit up with snow.  

We got out of bed at 6:15 to really take a good look.  Mark was not sure if he would try the drive in to work today or not.  He was first to check things out.  In fact, it was as he was getting back into bed that I woke up.
He is always under exaggerating things, so I was expecting him to tell me he would sleep for just a bit longer and then get the driveway cleared.  Instead he said: "I'm not even going to try!"
I was so surprised, then I had to run down stairs and turn on the outside lights so I could take a peek.

I cracked up laughing.  Our back glass door was already 4 inches lower than the snow.  The sky was filled with more snow than I ever remember seeing, and I was much too excited to go back to bed.

I made some coffee, grabbed a blanket and put myself in front of the television.  I had such a wonderful morning, I could have started singing.  It was LOVELY.

About 9:30 Mark got up and we decided to head outside.  Me to take some pictures and him to start clearing snow.  After I saw the conditions, I could not leave Mark to do it alone.  I helped.  For over an hour I shoveled the 8 feet of paver blocks that lead to my front door.  It would take me 3 shovels full to clear one square foot of snow.  Boy I was glad I have been going to the gym again.

I hope you all had as great of a day as I did.  I am really only 9 years old on the inside.


Carey Kirk said...

Awww! Your first New Englander! Hehee I loved having mine while we were up there for Christmas though we didn't quite beat your snowfall here. Glad you had a relaxing morning. I love snow days.

Carey Kirk said...

I mean nor'easter or whatever. nathan had to correct me :)

Mary said...

It's ok Carie, I even called it the wrong name. It was called Benedict, not Bernie. He hee.