Monday, January 10, 2011

I want to tell you about my daughter Jessica.  
I feel like I often miss telling people about her because she is such a sweet constant in my life, and I am fairly certain that she does her very best to not give me any stories to tell.  Her name is Jessica, but mostly I call her Jess.  Her dad and brother call her Missy, and I have no idea when or why that started, it's just a family thing.

Jess is only 12 months younger than her very out-going, class clown times 10, brother.  I can't imagine what it was like growing up behind someone like that.  As hard as Jeff tried to be the star of the show, Jess did her best to blend into the scenery and simply smile.  I often wondered if her personality would have been different if she was the oldest.  As mom's we always wonder those odd things, as if there is anything at all we can do about the birth order of our children.  Five years younger than Jessi is her younger sister Julie.  Who, unfortunately for some, great for others, is the female version of her brother.  Sitting right between the two of them is the most kind hearted, sincere girl I have ever known.

As most mom's can, I could go on and on forever about the goodness of my daughter, so I am going to limit myself to a top 10 list of my favorite things about Jessica.

1.  Her kind and gentle spirit
2.  Her ability to take care of people, even her mom!
3.  She smiles 95% of her life
4.  She is as beautiful on the inside as the outside
5.  She is very smart, I truly can't wait to see her as a teacher
6.  Her love for quality time is awesome.  
7.  She is a true "girly-girl", purses, bling, shoes, the whole deal
8.  She loves God and is living her life for Him.
9.  She took on the challenge to live independent from her parents
(and this has to be mentioned, has not asked for money, not ONE time.)
10.  She is a very hard worker.  She always goes above and beyond.

So, there is my list.  I love the relationship we have, I love the girl I have raised, and I am so looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together in an adult relationship.  She was an incredible child, never gave me any trouble, but as an adult, I love how we can learn to be friends.  
I have a feeling she will be one of the best friends I ever have.

I love you Jess.


Lisa said...

A year ago I would have only known the part about the smile. Now I know that she is indeed a woman of God, full of integrity, sincerity, energy (like her mom!) and she has so warmed our home with her spirit and yes, her beautiful smile. I pray that one day you will again live close enough to see that smile in person on a regular basis! Much love to you..Lisa

Anonymous said...

I love this and what little bit I know of and remember about her as a young girl is all reflected in your description of her. Thanks for sharing this!