Sunday, November 7, 2010

When I woke up this morning it was to my surprise to find out that I had been granted an extra hour of time.  I felt like this was some special gift that I should use very wisely.  I pondered what could be done of importance at 7:00am on a Sunday morning.  I decided it would be coffee and some useless computer time.  That suited me just fine.
Forward two hours, about to leave for church, I exchanged a few harsh words (regarding attitudes) with my teenage daughter.  Oh, the blessings of motherhood.  Stepping onto the porch to flee the scene of teen girl's heavy sighs and eye rolling, I discovered that someone had thrown eggs at our front porch last night.  O joy.
There went my mood.
Sitting in church I felt the wonderful message coming together in my mind, and it helped me reflect on my life.  I felt this great relief when I decided to just let everything on my mind go. All that junk I carried in a tight fist last week,  just to let it go.  I visually dropped all of my burdens at the cross for my God to pick up and sort through for me.  I had this great feeling of;  "It's ok Girl, I got you!"
How do people ever get through life without that?
Do you know God?
So many people know about him.  And they truly love the warm feeling it gives them when they do something good for someone and feel good about themselves.  But have you ever just really blown something, messed it all up?  Then when you were sifting through what was left of your mess,  you know that this is the moment when you really felt the love of God?  There is no greater feeling than that one.  You know you are a mess, you know HE knows you are a mess, yet he loves you anyway.
That makes for a really good day.
Romans 5:8
But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.