Monday, October 25, 2010

Dress Made of Stretch Satin which we loving referred to as "Butter"
For many years, long before I ever started A Great Impression, I was a seamstress.  Just a seamstress.  Before the days of commercial embroidery equipment, screen printing, or vinyl cutters, I would sit a a sewing machine for hours and hours and hours.  Each day I did what I had to do to get the house cleaned up, babies fed, or whatever needed to be done, so that I could do my sewing.

It was not long into my marriage that the need for me to make some extra money came into the plan.  Sure, I was home raising babies while my soldier went off and trained for weeks at a time, but I can honestly tell you that the next joy to my family was always sewing.  It was my creative medium.  With years and years of practice, I got kind of good.  By the year 1995 I was professionally sewing dance costumes for whomever would hire me.  This led into a career that I would never change for all the money in the world.  And on that note, let me tell you that the money sure has helped out our family of 5.

Then I grew.  And I got into the other realms of creating and business which very happily led me to opening A Great Impression.  If I were to look around my office in a huge circle, it would go something like this. Computer and accessories, then 5 commercial sewing machines in a row, each doing thier own thing, then a huge rhinestone setter machine, next comes a commercial embroidery machine, (I am down to only one now).  Wrapping up the circle to my right now is a big rack of vinyl, then my vinyl cutter.  In the center of the room is a huge work table that usually has fabric, plus vinyl scraps, and glitter on it.  This is the happiest place in my house.  I create here.

So, every once in a while since moving, I have wondered who I am these days.  Am I a seamstress with only a few left customers from my old town?  Am I a web site developer who strives to learn more each day about back linking and all of that confusing stuff?  Am I a graphic artist, or embroiderer?  One thing I always know, is that I am a follower of God, and will trust him to lead me where I will be next.

But after a day of struggling through those questions about who I am supposed to be now, I had the pure joy of getting this absolutely beautiful picture from my most wonderful daughter in law.  And here is who I am.  I am Jeff, Jessica and Julie's mom, who has no more pure joy in life than to create wonderful and treasured items like this dress I sewed for my son's lovely bride.  They were married this July and I am so very proud to show you what I created for her.  As my gift of love, for her loving my son the beautiful way that she does.

Mandy is the most beautiful person inside and out


Carey said...

That was beautifully written. And, you are incredibly talented. Just amazing.

Lisa Jane Bewley said...

Mary, don't even say that you apologize for bragging on such an accomplishment! When I think of the time we didn't have together in Michigan getting to know each other, I'm sad. I wish I had that time to know you better as I admire you so much for your energy, creativity and love for your family and friends. Thank the Lord for internet and texting so we can keep getting to know each other (and the "hook" of having your daughter in my home so you are forced to communicate with me, lol) I love you and your quirkiness! Lisa

Anonymous said...

Mary you are very talented and very loved. God Bless you, your family & your business! Love, Cathy Carley

Laura Phillips said...

WOW!!! That is gorgeous! You have a great talent.