Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Monday Morning to Everyone.

I have seen on the weather channel that no matter where we live, October has been an odd month of weather. Snow in some places, record highs in other places. Raise your hand if you feel like life is just getting so unpredictable these days. I am just so greatful to know that even though life changes, God does not change. He is still the God of this world, and I love having him to rely on when I cannot rely on anything else.

I had the best treat I have had in a long time last week. My sisters and I all met in Florida for 4 days of fun and silly sister time. As an added bonus, we also got to see our Dad, one of our Brothers, some nieces and nephews and a Brother in Law. Great fun was had by all, and there were many late night chats that will go down in the memory books for sure.

I hope that your life is happy today. And I hope that even if it is uncertain, you have someone to rely on for your cares and needs.

God Bless!