Saturday, April 4, 2009

One really cool thing that is new with me is that my little sister moved back home from Texas!! Yeah!

These cute girls won nationals in Dallas Texas in these costumes

These dresses had me breathing feathers for days!! (There were 19 of them!)

Wow, I have really forgotten about this blog. I need to get back on here and keep up with it.
Let me fill you in on what is new in my life. In January and February I concentrated heavily on creating and sewing dance costumes for a local dance team who I sew for each year. They are my favorite dance studio of all time. I have been sewing for Raedene's Dancin' Stars for 10 seasons now (I think) and I just love them. This year I only made them 9 teams. I did a few jobs for a couple of other teams as well. Dance costumes are so much fun, but lots and lots of work.

I did about 6 or 7 teams of cheer briefs this season as well. I had teams from all over Michigan, some in Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, that is who I can remember. Please keep me in mind for cheer spankies when you team needs them.

And this vinyl wall art is so much fun, I cannot get enough of it. I spend most week days doing my screen printing, embroidery, and sewing, but the weekends I spend making vinyl wall art for orders. To me it has taken the place of scrapbooking. I am obsessed with making new designs for people to wrap their walls in. The bible verses are my very favorite. I love them all though. So very much fun.

Hope you are well!