Sunday, September 30, 2007

My daughter went to her senior Homecoming this past weekend. I had been SO busy with my full time back to work schedule that I didn't even cut her dress out and sew it until Friday night. Bless her heart, she was as sweet as could be about it. (A few sighs and looks, but otherwise very understanding) I put the zipper in (twice) on Saturday and she was ready to go at 4:00. Here are a few pictures of my little cutie. Check out those cheerleader muscles on her arms and you will see why she and I designed the shirt that says "Show them your cheerleader muscles". Thanks for peeking.

And by the way, please leave me comments on this blog. Part of what I was looking forward to was getting to know anyone who checks it out. Sign in with your email address, which I promise not to spam, and let me know who you are! Now that you can see who we are, let us know who you are too, OK??


Colleen said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful girl. Hope she had a good time. The dress is gorgeous. You did a great job as usual.