Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I wonder if you do what I do.  I usually don't realize I am doing it until I look back and see that I have done it again.

It is a gift really.  A coping technique that I developed in my early years of life.  When I get stressed out about something, it seems I find a challenging project and throw myself into it.  Do you do that?  My girlfriend told me that is how her house gets painted.  When she is upset, she paints a room.  What do you do?

Last week we realized that parenting never really ends.  It's not like I didn't actually know that, or even that I consciously thought I was done.  But one of those doozies came at me, and I felt a bit out of control.  The next thing I knew, between hitting my knees in prayer, having a few tears with friends on the phone, and making Dr. appointments, I made a quilt.  

I laugh now at the fact that my husband knew I was not only running my own business, but making our oldest daughter's wedding dress, invitations, and so on, but when I told him I wanted to go to Joanns to get fabric to make a quilt he said, "Oh, that sounds like a good idea, let's go to the store."  He is such a good guy.  He must know that sewing is cheaper than therapy.  

I came right home and got started on Sunday afternoon.  He didn't bat an eye when I told him that I spent all day Monday working on the top, half a day Tuesday putting it together, or all day Wednesday quilting it, and binding the edges.  Mind you, in between working on that quilt, I kept the phones answered, helped Jessi and Mandy with any questions while they worked, and yes, read a thick book on the topic of the month.  

A special friend was having major surgery this week, so I had to get this done and in the mail.  It was so effective to have a deadline, and a gift in mind for a quilt maker, who has never made one for herself.  

Mark, Julie and I all got quite a smile out of her phone call telling how surprised and thrilled  she was to get the quilt in time for her surgery.  I told her to wash it, and have it ready to feel comforted and loved after sinus surgery.  She texted me last night to tell me that the quilt was clean and ready, and as soon as her nose stopped bleeding she would be cuddling with it.

Let me encourage you to create.  
When you feel happy~create
When you feel sad~create
When you are bored, or lonely~create

He makes beautiful things.  And He uses all things in life to bring glory to God.  
I am so glad that I was encourage to create as a child.  
Maybe you can do the same for your kids.


deckermj2 said...

Good job Mary. Glad it got to her.

Tiffany DeOs said...

It is beautiful. I love your saying about creating.