Monday, October 4, 2010

Sometimes I design art for myself.  This was one of those times. 

As much as we try to keep our chins up and smiles on our faces.  Moving is just plain hard sometimes.
As mom's we all know that when our kids hurt, we hurt even more.  (is that really possible?)  My daughter has been trying so hard to have a good attitude at her new school, and to make friend's to feel part of the group.  Unfortunately, girls that age are not always kind.  They get jealous, and angry and mean.  My girl has been the victim of this for the past couple weeks.  Girls can be so cruel. 

I designed this artwork for my teen aged girl today.  And it dawned on me how many of us know someone who is struggling to be strong.  Maybe your sister or loved one is fighting cancer.  That sure makes our little heart breaks seem unimportant. 

One of my friends just found out her husband has been unfaithful.  I could go on and on.  Life is just hard. Someone made mention of the phrase "God will not give your more than you can bear."  I have to disagree with that comment completely.  I don't think that God intends to give us hard times to make us suffer.  I think that the world is full of people who have a decision to make each day of their life.  So for that there are ways in which we all suffer from each others wrong decisions.  I do think however, that God is right there to hold you in his lap while you hurt, and to carry your burden with you. 

Be strong and courageous this week.  Rest in the last part of that verse: For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.


Lisa Bewley said...

I so agree with your disagreement! I never understood why people said that God would never give you more than you can bear. God isn't the author of all things bad that come into our lives. And when those times come when things ARE more than we can bear, He is there to help us through it all. Love your blogs and your website. I'm proud to be your friend. Love you xoxox Lisa

Karen said...

That was awesome, Mary. I loved every word. I would love that for Natalies room. Let me show it to her, and I'll let you know. :) I love you.


A Great Impression said...

I would be happy to make one for Natalie. That really is Julie's bedroom in the picture too.