Monday, September 3, 2007

In Michigan, "Going Up North" is an icon. To anyone who lives in the lower part of the state, the term could mean just about anywhere north of where one lives. It is a weekend vacation that is explained in three little words. "Going up North" has been a definition of family fun since long before I was a kid.
This weekend we took our girls "Up North" to Caseville. Located on Lake Huron, in the Saginaw Bay, Caseville is quite the fun vacation town. We camped in the state campground with several other families from our church.

The weather was absolutely perfect and we all enjoyed ourselves.
Just recently, our oldest son left for Tennessee for college, so the only sad part about the weekend was that he was not available to be my husband's first mate on all of the boating expeditions. We miss him very much.
Here are a couple pictures from the photo shoot I attempted with my girls and the friends that they brought with them. They all were donned (of course) with sweet pea athletics wear at all times. A cheerleader is never shy to wear her sport on her shirt!