Thursday, August 23, 2007

Today was an active and exciting day of planning new fall items for the website and for the cheer competitions. Of course, my girls being at the mall looking for school clothes is great for my idea bank! I also found a very exciting line of picture frames, pillow cases and other fun stuff to add to SWEET PEA ATHLETICS. Can't wait to get that order!!

The weather in Michigan turned cold for a couple of days and I am dreaming up warm fitted hoodies that say things like CHEER CO. on them in thick felt letters, something like you would find at HOllISTER CO. I actually found some and ordered some samples today as well.
When I get them done I am taking the girls over to for some more great photography. She did most of the pictures on this site, and what a sweet girl she is!

I am getting a few calls already for Custom Dance Competition Costumes. YIPEE, I get so excited to sew costumes again each year. Last year I got to go to New York to pick out fabrics for all of my teams. SO I feel like telling everyone; keep that phone ringing so that I can go again this year!! Next week I start on 25 gymnastics leotards and warm up suits for a great gym here in Oxford, MI called ELITE. I will be sure to post pictures of those when they are done.

Let the fall line up begin! I am stocked with some new scissors and ready to roll!!